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Btw, another bug to add, at the start if you spam buttons 1 - 3 it spawns in dinos constantly lol, its funny.

could you add a restart feature lol its a really cool game.
i would pay for this if it was fully fledged out 


Little bug report:

  • When jumping while or into making a turn the auto center can get messed up and you end up in the outer lane with the game thinking, you're in the middle, causing you to be unable to change into the inner one until the next turn.  Or it will place you weirdly in between lanes.
  • Switching lanes mid air above the large, full width boulder obstacle at any point in the jump will cause you to crash into it and die instantly, no dino trigger (died a lot to that before realizing XD).
  • Triggering the music repeatedly and layering it when double clicking multiple times in the beginning. Fun experience but yer ears be warned :)

Had a blast playing, so this is not meant to make it look bad. Just some things I noticed :)

Bro needs to add a restart button

Name of engine?

Seems to be Unreal Engine, not sure which version tho.
Here is his Youtube video on making the game, maybe you can see it from there: 

This is definitely a UE4 project. He discusses the engine in the YouTube description.

Ah, must have overlooked that


Unreal Engine 4.27


What are sys req?


a beefy PC with an RTX compatible card ig

This is really cool! But absolutely criminal that this game won't be getting any future content or patches. I could definitely see this game making a huge comeback considering people love games like this.


pls make this available in chromebook

sorry if i sound rude



I'm the same opinion.

dude use wine (software) for linux...



I'm new to linux and Wine sucks, I just want NATIVE linux support, no WINE or PROTON

screw 'em


you sound like a spoiled kid ngl

thats caus he/she/it prolly is


damn dude, where do i learn unreal engine, i already have some experience with unity and a bit of unreal itslef!

just tinker with it, learn the basics of blueprint and do your stuff from there

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yeah just do your own project and research anything that you don't know how to implement, you will learn a bunch. Might as well just watch and follow a tutorial series where they build a small game step by step, also very helpfull


Add a Restart button because its annoying to relaunch the game after dying.

I will really appreciate that.


Really cool! needs restart button, though. and for whatever reason whenever I launch, it opens steamVR on my pc.  o_0  Loved the vid btw

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How good does that game run? I just recently bought myself an RTX 3060Ti, that would handle the game fine, wouldn't it? (at 1080p that is)

it surely will

Yep it did run well, tried it like two days ago. It's a bit of a shame that you have to restart the game everytime you die...

just get gut and dont die then



Temple run but RTX is on plus on steroids.


yep cock