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Deleted 112 days ago

Does it freeze completely? It should be like 1sec freeze or so. I'm doing Level.Restart, so yeah, it's not really optimal :D

Deleted 112 days ago


Doesn't freeze for me :D

How do I open the game?

Extract the files, Windowsnoeditor, double tap on the application file

The game is so beautiful. but There’s a glitch that rarely happens the bird flys sideways..


It's probably because I fixed pipes hitboxes. So somewhere it's a bit too small and the bird bumps into actual mesh and behave like that. I should have disabled mesh collisions at all


you need to enable SLI, just for the fun for this game 😂


Starting the game activates steam vr and makes it run slow, is there a UE setting that got checked saying it's a VR game?

No. Unreal Engine games always trigger SteamVR. SteamVR thinks that Unreal Engine games are always VR games. If you want to get better performance, close SteamVR after the game boots up. That should fix your problem. If the game quits after you close SteamVR, then minimize SteamVR and try playing the game. Hope that helps! :)


Thanks, but no luck with that. Closing steamvr closes the game, and you can't minimize it since it's not running anything in a window; it's running stuff for the headset. 

I ended up running it with -nohmd option and that made it run without steamvr.

dynamic graph

Cool Game I Have RTX So Make A Feature Where You Can Turn It On In The Menu :)


shift+5 to activate rtx


you were getting 20 fps with rtx on a 1060 i have a rtx 2070 s which is maximum giving me 20 fps with rtx on 100% gpu usage i think something is wrong 

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Yeah, it's playable but not smooth on 2080ti (1440p).

Edit: It runs smoothly if I lower the resolution a little by putting it in a window. I guess it depends on what resolution it was running at in the video if you're comparing it although I'd still expect more of a difference with rtx.

I have a RTX 2060 and I too get bad frames. Maybe it's not a hardware issue and some game optimizations can be done.

Just hit score of is 1:45 in the morning....I am ruined. hahahaha

I know the feeling haha


This is really fun, I haven't played Flappy Bird since it was removed from the Apple Store. That being said, Ryzen 9 3950X and RTX 2080 Ti isn't running the full 60 fps in 1080p on the highest graphics mode which does take away from the magic side of my RTX card. Still, awesome little game.

man the game looks shitting awesome but...... may I ask mr. dino. What are the freaking requirements I mean I am a serious and I mean serious low specs gamer


I'm not sure about requirements to be honest. Is there any tool that can help me with that? Btw, there is low-settings mode without shadows and post process, it might even run on a low-end pc

Yeah I don't know about a tool. A tool could help if your game  was published in the market I mean that is obvious. But thanks for telling me there is a low settings mode. I mean my pc was not fat enough for high specs so he is still a baby dino. Btw quick question do you include low settings mod in every game made by you. I am asking this because they are so freacking awesome.


Nope, previous projects do not have settings

I'm guessing requirements are RTX 3090 Ti ;-)

There is MSI Afterburner. If you install it and Riva Tuner Statistics Server that comes with it you can see your fps, gpu usage 1temperature, CPU Usage and temperature, RAM usage, VRAM usage and much more


3fps on rtx haha dang

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Very fun but hard game. RTX is crazy on this game with a ryzen 3900x and a 2080 super with 32gb of ram still only get 25 fps love it! DISCLAIMER NOT A REAL SOUL REAPER DON'T ASK!

Finally, I can rage at a bird in 4K with ray tracing XD

Please make the smack sound when hitting the ground or a pipe, and for an aditional bonus, make a dent appear in the pipe when you crash into it! please


Will there be a quick DLSS update when Unreal Engine has full support for that? (this game is so pretty wtf flappy)


we'll see :)


700MB of flappy bird? I'll take it 😉



First,BTW this game is beautiful

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