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Thanks for making this. This definitely scratched my "fake mobile game with sliding mechanics" itch.

i physically cannot progress past the 2nd room because the door will not open and theres invisible walls stopping me from going around it.

Optimize the size

i cant open zip file

I can't open the first door in the second room, how to open it please? And it would be good to limit the game's fps to 60 because it makes the temps go crazy, thx.

I have an RTX 3060 and this game cranked it to 76C (it idles at 38C), easily maxed out my GPU

My game crashed when tried to restart the puzzle. And then when I reopened the game I was where I left off.

Ok... so you made mobile game ads into a real game, but the game isn't even on mobile 💀💀

2 gb?

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This is misleading, u put mobile game in the yt title, it should be available for mobile :( really wanted to try it, it looks cool tho !

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Could you compile a Linux version as well? I know Unreal 5 has that feature. Here is what it looks like on Linux running with WINE.

Crossover 23.5.0, and turning on "advanced options" DXVK + ESync made this game work perfectly on linux for me.

On the second puzzle i cant move the platfroms back where they were

that's intended

Yep, he is right. I tryed it again today and it´s absolutely possible without moving them back. I was just to stupid. 

Very nice game, especially with the grate smoke and liquid physics.

Technically a very nice game, but unfortunately I couldn´t get past the second room, scince for some reason I can only move the floor plates in one direction.

Did you find any reason why it happens

Nope. Thats why I commented here, hoping someone would know a solution.

some gates/doors only move in 1 direction, that's intended. Just restart the puzzle if you're screwed

there's a restart button in the right top corner. It only resets current puzzel, you'll save your progress


can you make it run on mac?



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Nice game and i have always dreamed of real time water and smoke physics in games


i enjoyed it

That was pretty fun :) Happy to finally play one of these games.

Little things that could be better:
- hard to know how to interact sometimes as the design language is not always consistent
- sometimes I got killed by something off screen :(

Thanks a lot!

The concept is fun but very painful to play with the constant lag that i had during it

just a heads up, in puzzle 14 you die if you move the top plate with the guard to the right instead of the left despite the container still falling down and there is no smoke. had me puzzled why I kept dying for a while

just missing a connect-3 gem puzzle

How to restart when we die and how to limit the fps please?

There is a button on the top right corner when you wanna restart. Kinda hard to see

Great game, I like the elevators and messages against the walls, it gives portal vibes.  I think you can take the mechanics and style and make a great 2.5 D game with a bit more of a story for steam.


This is great, didn't expect to play until the end, at least what I think was the end but the puzzles with the liquid and smoke were pretty cool.


there are a bunch of eggs at the end


yes, that where I got to, then one cracks.....