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fun game :) after about 5 min the characters no longer run forward, though. Four dudes in back don't move, four guys in front step side to side with mouse. music is on. 


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Deleted 276 days ago

Its ironic that I can't download this game on my phone


Imagine... the game would have a minutes per frame counter LOL

Fun, but every time I die it freezes and I have to close the game and open it back up so L ig


you could've zipped the file to make it a faster download :p

I'm pretty sure does that automatically to save on hosting and bandwidth.

its already zipped!


3 gigas? :/


You should port it to mobile


1 fps be like




I have 1 issue with this game. When run that game, SteamVR is also automatically run :P

nice work, however it froze up on me after I died and I have to close it

it's really cool + I'd really like it if you added some more "math equations" I LOVE math and maybe you can make a new mode and name it "Math Nerd" LOL

this is a dream become true XD


wow 3 GB ! that is nice for the internet of Egypt 

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i am also from egypt and i am surprise from the size of the game even though it look simple

Howdy EG fellas :)

how to answer that 🤔 internet is is bad expansive and limited 


do this for mac


can you also make it available for macos?


Seems that zip archive is broken.


Do this for android please 


Why do you want a minutes per frame counter LOLXD

I love his youtube content but this game makes 0 sense... Firstly you have to restart the game because there is no restart level option, secondly the maths is wrong, even after choosing the right options I still some how die...

Plz fix this I would love to play it when it works properly 


got to around 1.8b, saw a x*3 and went on it, number reset to 1


sounds like an overflow happened but for some reason it just went to one.

Im lock : 


I got a number of over 500000000 (five hundred million) but then i hit a choise of x=3 or x=3. RIP my 15 minutes playing this lol


So, I played the game and it's quite fun for an endless runner with some math in it. However, I ran into a few problems. But first, here's what I like about the game.

1. The visual effects and art style are nice.

2. The theme is cool and fun to listen to.

3. The controls are very accessible and not that complicated.

4. The UI, despite being a bit empty, is solid (for the most part).

What I don't like:

1. Whenever you fail a round, the game just fades to black and there's no retry or back to main prompt. You're just stuck there and the only way to replay is to close the game entirely and start over.

2. The main menu could've had more work done to it.

3. The player fail condition is a bit vague. 1 round, I was playing on the "I Love Suffering" mode and I made the wrong decision on the first game. There were literally no zombies in front of me, but the game decided that I was not worthy of carrying on and exploded my poor single trooper anyway. I feel like making the player fail when having all his troopers get killed by zombies instead of just dying immediately is a better approach.

4. Also when I was playing on "I Love Suffering" mode, one of the formulas was so long that it clipped over to the other gate :P

Over all, the game is fun to play and I think with enough polish, you can turn it into something very good.


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Coming from YT. Quite simple and yet really fun to play.
I'm just having two issues:
1. When I lose, the screen fades to black but I get no prompt to restart (or quit or whatever). If I want to give it another go I need to alt+F4 and launch the game again.

2. Sometimes during a round the soldiers will get "stuck". They keep doing the running animation but they won't move foward, only sideways (when they do).

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Per 1., have the same issue.  It's fun, but I can't recommend this if I have to go to desktop to restart the game.

I would also like a volume control, as the game is quite loud.


love how its 3.2 gigs for this beautiful mobile game

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Hey Problem is, My Team suddenly starts to explode when not touching the enemy? Like whenever it touches a Zombie or near it, It starts to explode immediately?


That's because your team is weaker than the zombies, so you lose.


It should have an update where you can't lose if there is no enemies


A fun little game. Looks good and plays good.


I really like this game! 
i signed up to itch just to let you know ;)

Please add a Mac and Linux build. That would be amazing!



Pls do mobile edition plsss I would like to play it


lol its mobile game ad but real so mobile would be perfect

also i totally agree



They would need to extremely compress the models so it isn't 2gb and instead make it at least 50mb

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Sometimes the army freezes, the animation for running is still going on but they stop advancing, moving the mouse controls only some of them but the rest are stuck in one spot.

Do you use UE4 or UE5?

He used UE4


Every time I die in a run the screen starts fading to black and then the game freezes. I have to alt-f4 to get out.



Congrats for your work :-)

Fun game, but when i start the game it always opens my SteamVR and that is really annoying. I hope you fix that.

same! also when i die it fades to black then stays like it

yeah both things


Mobile edition, plase

saw on youtube, great work, really show how hard is to make a game even in this day .

yeah how do i install this in the first place?

i cant delete the files is this virus?

it wont even let me open then help

no its not a virus


i got like 2 million points and it made me choose between divided by 2 or divided by 3. i took a screenshot. had no idea what i got. DIED.

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