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computer burned down

plants vs zombies 3 its about realisticness

I get fatal error everytime I try to run it.

na version Para Android Con Graficos de un port de de la PC osea una versión sin esos graficasos

this means na version For Android With Graphics from a PC port, that is, a version without those graphics

Also you're welcome for the translation


it should be unity instead of unreal


wabbe wobba wabbo wibbi wobbo baba ba!

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why is 3 gigabyte?


i see

I don't know

The game might be pretty funny and an improved version to the original game, but I have 3 fps in game and managed to get negative suns as soon as I got the sunflower .... Oof


bad computer

I don't pay 2000$ for a gaming pc :shrug:

good I aint wastin money when amazon prime is right there

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when gtav clone will come


Just downloaded your game. Love the graphics! Please offer a patch that offers menu options (settings, etc.) and an improvement on mouse clicking. With suns and clicking play at start it's like I have to click multiple times before it takes. Other than that GREAT GAME!!


Bro, your game is spawning too many zombies, I barely even have time to build plants, and they went through one of them and the plants in the back could've shot the zombies but didn't.

The longer you play, the harder the levels are.

The plants might have a range as a feature for the game to be realistic.

If it's not the answer, it is maybe because you didn't give enough details,  but I hope it helps.

The zombies may have been in a different lane to your plants, the 2 furthest away lanes looked like the same lane to me for a while


Fall guys upload please

i think he wont do that!

i hope he does that

Every time I try to play the game I get

"The ue4 hast crashed  and will...

Fatal error"

me too


me too

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op game high cyberpunk graphics i came here from your youtube channel 


Wtf 3 GB for a game?

yes since its literally got damn realistic graphics and its 3D

bro tf do you play? ofc games are like the only programs/apps on a pc that is gonna atleast take more then 1 gb and also like its rlly high graphics and 3d sooooo 3GB GO BRRRRRRRRRR

uhm i mean Alot of fan made games are like 500 MB PC Version i know i saw 150 GB 50GB Games too 


my download gets close to completion maybe 1 to 0.5 gb off then i get a network error. Anything i can do to solve this issue? I really want to play thi


download through the itch app (lil late but... shut up

it's too mch lagging bro please help what can i do...

my pc specs-

intel i5 dual core

8 gb ram

119 gb storage available this time

2gb graphics card....


Found your problem, your playing a Minecraft 2048x shader level game on that pc...


Found your problem, you need a little more ram I'd suggest getting another 8GB ram. upgrade your graphics card too. 4GB other than that your good. This is optional but you can get a quad-core (4) instead of a dual (2) but there is 16 and no-one needs that. Hope I fixed your problem!

get a gud compooper, waht gpu is it model e.g. gtx 1060, etc

and also maybe detail ur gpu more like is it an i5 4590 or an i5 2500k

your PCs vram and cpu are the problem and also what’s your gpu a 1050?


it really destroyed my pc with lags lol

this is some nice shit ngl tho, keep up the good work Dino


ok fatdino i challenge you to make a full 2d endless runner game for mobile

i hope your up to the challenge. i love ur content

Welp, you did it!
But can you Make an Original Game? with Original Character's, and also it must be more than 2 hour's long,
if not your up to the Challenge, then your not as good as me! which you probably are, XD

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Whenever i get to one GB it says forbidden its happened three times could anyone help to fix this im gonna keep redownloadin (edit) help i really wanna play this.

i have no clue why this is happening but i have never had it happen

y did u even reply to him if u dont have a solution /':

also im too late F

Please resurrect (revive) my favorite game Eeve TD randomly and the ability to build a corridor for monsters between 5 points is a MASTERPIECE! and 5 elementals for towers, I'm ready to help as much as I can, 3d model


I can't play it, the game is opening with my VR System (Oculus Rift) how do I play in Desktop Mode?

if you're using "steam VR" you have to go to Steam Settings-In Game and disable "Use Desktop Game Theatre when launching desktop games"

when i try to play it it tells me Fatal Error.

Same here. I get Fatal Error when I try and start the game.

mr fatdino can i put ur games in youtube

He showcased how he made them in his channel I'm sure he deserves more Youtube subscribers!

what the FUckkkkk   Access forbidden by server 

I can't download when get 2.0GB it's say "Failure - Forbidden"... Any way to solve this error?

It is a cool concept but this game is optimized horribly, almost as bad as ark survival. I can see myself playing this with a performance overhaul.

the game was made for a yt vid called "plants vs zombies but itll destroy ur pc" its purpose is high graphics and bad opti bruh


How can I shut off the ray tracing?I don't have a RTX GPU!I can only have 2 fps playing it!

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which gpu are you using?




Nice =). Starts at 6:10.

what is the system specs required??


This is actually an awesome conversion of Plants vs Zombies! It took a few tries but eventually got the defense going. 




When I launch the game and click play a I get a message saying fatal error.

Try to launch it as an admin. 

turn off your internet or wifi and then extract zip file again then game will open...

You are amazing man. You have John Carmack potential.

This is actually pretty cool. Any plans to continue working on it? 


lol 3 it is 3gb

The only Plant Vs Zombie game i liked this is fantasticcc!!!

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