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im having troubl

How do I put the -dx12 command ?

Why? It doesn't change anything 

i don´t have .exe :/

great job man. you got my full respect

Mr. FatDino, whenever I download this game, and goes half way through the DL process. It suddenly stops and it says the File is FORBIDDEN any help or tips with this?

Any way to adjust the resolution to 2k?


rtx 3090 go brrr

i have a NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 and it looks so sick bro

hahahah i have a rx 470 radeon grapchics card and it runs at super good fps

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minimum specs?

In what settings can the rx 560 work?

max i have a rx 470 and its all fine

so it's not working in max graphic?

I think you just gotta optimize rtx with the game, I got an rtx 2060 super with a ryzen 5 3600 and i'm getting frames around 20 frames with rtx on. Other than that, on Ultra settings without RTX, still runs great  and looks amazing.




Hi FatDino :=) Found your game. As it's UE, could you please rebuild & publish a version for Linux? That would be cool to test it out. Thanks!

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Its Beautiful..!!! But hard as hell.. Lol.. :D

i downloaded subway surfer. whta now im to dumb wth.

3700x+RTX2080 21:9 2560*1080

Ultra Settings FPS avg. 100

Ultra Settings + RTX ON FPS avg. 24

I think I should change the graphics card to RTX3080,to run the game smoothly.

is it works on radeon 4gb graphics?? plzz


Probably yes gb don't make that big difference in gaming

sorry but I’m having trouble playing the game. how do I do that? Never done an game. I tried downloading 7 zip of that helps but I won’t work.

Just right click the folder, extract it, and run the .exe file

yeah I figured it out man

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I love your videos ! Where is the Subway Surfers game though ? TIA



will be here in 1 hour or so

Hey, one Question how did you make that you can rtx on and off ingame where is that in the GameUserSettings?

you can make it via console commands (RunConsoleCommand node)

Oh thx bro

I am interested in funding your games on a larger scale than Patreon. If you like, you can email:  mcanallen (at)

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can my5gb or seomthing laptop run on meadium settings

idk im wandering the same thing

what graphics unit does it have? the worse the graphics unit, the worse the framerate will be because this is a game that depends on graphics power

Hope I could help you



hi i  am rockm bird go brrrrrrr

never seen a bird flapping so beatiful on a laptop
rtx2070 go brrrr

can it run on i3 9100f 3.60 ghz and gtx 1660 and gtx 970 super clocked 


yeah sure

It runs on my machine!

AMD FX 6300 6 Core 3.6 Ghz (runs at 20% max)

Radeon RX 570 (Runs at 99-100%)

24GB Ram (you need around 8 gb, thats how much i max at, including my other applications open)

Windows on an SSD

I get around 55-75 frames i would say. its smooth.

Try pressing "shift + 5" for RTX On 


Can it run on my 2gb gpu nvidia 940mx on low setting?

It probably will on low settings, can't promise though

How do I "run with directX 12 (-dx12  command)"?

the easiest way is to make a shortcut of .exe on your desktop, then rightclick and add -dx12 in "Target"

does this work on phone? :v


This is actually a fascinating way to see what raytracing actually does. I've been sitting here for an hour hitting shift-4, shift-5 back and forth watching the difference in the way reflections and ambient occlusion are calculated.

There's also a pretty fun version of flappy bird if you press space.

how do i open after installation

open the .exe file


i came here just because i want to know name of the soundtrack you use for this game 

It's a paid music from ue marketplace

can i have the name ? 

When I was playing the game, a burning smell started coming out of my video card! It's normal? Just kidding, the game was cool :)

Whenever I try to run it a message appears saying "DX12 is not supported on your system. Try running without the -dx12 or -d3d12 command line argument"

How do I fix this? Where can I take out -dx12 or -d3d12?

:3 Wow nice bro

Shift 1 2 3 4 5 don't work

they do on my side

sad :'(

its because you are using a france keyboard switch it to english in the settings

Works for me

Why can't my RTX 2060 Super run this at 60fps...

The RTX 2060 Super is slightly better than a 1060, try setting it to low, or try updating your drivers and installing DX-12.

Eh just sayin, a regular 2060 keeps up with a 1080 (as benchamrked by multiple sources). A super will do even better.

Running on solid 80 fps for me (and I have RTX 2060 too)

my rtx 2060 runs it at well over 60 fps, I don't know why your 2060 super doesn't

I saw a comment where a guy reported 24 fps on his RTX 2080

But that was with RTX on

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