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PLEASE MAKE THIS FOR MAC!!! i love it but can't download ):

a mac dont have the power for this

it DOES!!!!

it does.

Mac does have good hardware to run this game, however, the developer did not make the game suitable to support Mac, sorry to say.

exactly, unless it can be succesfully ported like feral interactive did.

you can run the game, use Crossover from CodeWeavers, it’s a software that translates windows .EXEs to work on macOS

or u can try bootcamp on mac to use windows a s a  subsytem if u rtoo deperate

Yeah. I cannot run this software even in my dreams. I have a MacBook Air 2017 running a Virtual Machine (Parallels (illegal version) the best one available) running windows 7 ( anotherillegal version) and this app requires 1000 dollar hardware!!!!!!

If you have one of the M1 models or a ver powerful Mac, use Crossover from codeweavers

Use wine and winemaker to use it in your Mac. By the way congrats on the M1. Not everyone gets that.

i cant download 
pls help

same with me

It simply doesn't download when you click ?

YES    thx dino!!!


I know releasing the game with multiplayer is illegal. But what about releasing the source project on GitHub so others can download and compile it?

has multiplayer


And How I Be Imposter?

there is no imposter or other so nah u cant be imposter

Does It Work On A  4GB Pc?

are you serious?

yes i also have 4GB of ram.

Ofc not


Ahh shit 80 CPU temperature

Have a good day with your Computer

I have 

Wish you good luck

lol πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

Will This Work On i5 10Gen 8GB Ram And I Have  GeForce NVIDIA  MX130 Graphic Card? Please Tell

I think yes


If you are having trouble finding a server, you can make a LAN-connected game. Thanks to the program called Hamachi, we can play the game online.  :D

is server good?


As you read the comments on this, the age demographic for this game becomes very clear very quickly. 

Ik due to legal reasons we cant get the game with multiplayer but is there any way that we can make it multiplayer?

It is just to play with my friends

this game has multiplayer


Why couldn't you release the entire game??πŸ€”πŸ˜₯

I can't release the whole game due to legal reasons. 


is there a way to make our dedicated server


He can't release the whole game due to legal reasons.

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I know but there are other guys  who were able to post multiplayer, 3d, fan-made among us version on That is the reason I am asking.

Is theres no imposter u cant be a imposter?

Saw the vid on yt and couldn't wait for the release. Kinda sad about multiplayer but the textures and models are awesome! How many tris are in the project itself?

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Soo good man! Do you need any help?

I can study Turkish language for the game. :D    its my e-mail address


Vary Show


how to be impostor

you can't be imposter


can you add bots?

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Multipalyer?  edit: nvm


Its Here...


Fatty Dino

1GB just map LOL

lets gooooooooooooooooo!

I want to play it

Fall Guys @FatDino


Is there anyway we could turn this into a multiplayer game for just our friends?


as he himself said, "I can't release the whole game due to legal reasons."


that wasn’t my question. I am specifically asking would I be able to turn it into a multiplayer game by coding it since he gave us the map? I have no experience in coding but from what I am learning online it seems possible.


First of all, he just said legal reasons.... second you would have to port forward and setup a server and modify his code. If your "learning online" you dont have enough skill to do this yet

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Only on windows because a mac can't handle it lol



will my cardboard box with windows installed work?

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I haven't downloaded it yet, but I  know it will be great. I watch your YT also. I thought that might be "kind of" important to mention.

edit: I can't be sure if it is actually great...yet, but I think it will.


It's awesome. I saw your YT video and enjoyed a lot as well as with your other videos and games.

Now I'm trying to learn Unreal Engine. πŸ‘πŸ‘

how do we report/kill

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So you're a game developer? Name every game on itch!

f,f, f,f,f,f,f,f,f these are the games


What are the system requirements to run this?





thanks :) much appreciated :) 


Thanks a lot






finally the game that is as gay as $#!+ and oh boy


Thank you!

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