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Dear Fat Dino,

I hope this message finds you well. My name is Yash, and I am an engineering student currently working on a college major project with my team. Recently, we had the opportunity to watch your video titled 'I Made Among Us and it will DESTROY your PC,' and we were truly impressed by the project's creativity and execution.

Our team is enthusiastic about enhancing and customizing this project further by adding our own unique elements and making it more efficient. To do this, we believe that having access to the project files and resources used in the video would be immensely valuable. We respect your work and would like to build upon it, taking it in exciting new directions while giving you due credit for the original concept.

We understand that sharing project files is a decision that requires careful consideration, but we assure you that our intentions are purely educational and aimed at promoting creativity and innovation within our student community. We are committed to adhering to any terms and conditions you may have for the use of your project materials.

If you are open to sharing the project files and resources, please let us know the preferred method for obtaining them or any conditions you may have. We are eager to get started on our customization and look forward to your response.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

When you do a task, use w,a,s,d to quit it

I downloaded the game but how do i run it?

check your files

Deleted post

I have a 6700 xt running at average of 72 fps

i have a rtx 3090 with intel core i7 10th gen 16gb of ram 0.1mb hdd

I have an 


GTX 970 4gb

16GB 3200MHz ram

512gb SSD

averaged 32 fps

i have a 

ryzen 5 5600g

RTX 3060 12GB

16GB ddr4 2400mhz ram

500GB ssd

and i got 50/150 fps lol



guys i have a 

i5 8250U

intel uhd 620

16 gb ddr4 2400mhz ram

and 512 gb ssd with 1 tb harddrive

and what i got is 2 fps lmfao

the intel uhd 620 is integrated graphics which definitley wont run this game

wait why do people keep saying what there hdd/ssd is like as long as you have at least 2gb free or something

my thing says 5.0 gb lol

i didnt think this would run on 32 gigs ram gtx 1650 and 11th gen core i7

can i run it on these specs?

GPU: Nvidia GT -500

CPU: Air

RAM: 2kb

Deleted 1 year ago

LOL its a copy off among us


And you think no one knows and the creator was trying to hide it?


"I can't release the whole game due to legal reasons. " I don't think you'd have any problems, you can't copyright a game idea lol


But you can copyright a game :P


My graphics card is rtx is 4000 and my ram is 32gb ram iam an a youtube so i have iam getting 200 fps and more


and i have an rtx learn to spell also the rtx 4000 isnt out yet XD this is just some 8 year old who cant do grammar

The rtx 4000 (quadro) exist, it is simply not intended to be used for gaming

thanks for the lesson grammar teacher We love you 


San Monika


Can you make it for mac?


why mac

because mac

Deleted post

wellyou need that so it is what it is


I used this with my i7 2060 and heated my room, fantastic space heater simulator Thank you.


I have rtx 3090 128gb ram 11tb ssd

So, It can works on my pc in 100+ fps


ok but who asked


they just sayin the specs bc they not listed on here

Fat dino :D

Deleted 1 year ago

but why are you asking to me


I think  he's jealous :P

Deleted 1 year ago

rog phones exist

Deleted post

you dont need that

you wish

Deleted 1 year ago
Deleted 1 year ago


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i have a NIVIDIA Quadro K1200 will it run ?

    • yep go for it nerd

    can i play multiplayer with my friends in this game?


    read the description idiot, it literally says 'NOT A MULTIPLIER GAME'


    You typed multiplayer wrong

    Deleted 2 years ago
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    Bro it was like a fucking year ago.. 

    I don't even remember the game homie 

    (Ok maybe not a year)

    omg another grammar teacher!!!!


    I download this and try to run it, but my Windows 7 laptop crash in one moment! I dont know why, maybe it was file too big.


    because u need a windows 10

    you need a good pc to run thi


    Can you launch this game for Android and ios plz


    You are fucking dumb as a bitch




    You could explain him gently. But why are you criticising him?

    Deleted 1 year ago

    this game cant run on those. i think if you did somehow run these on there ur phone would explode, no kiddin

    Deleted 1 year ago

    bro your phone would fry


    will it run in gtx 1650 with i5-9300h processor?

    my sibling has a pc that has the same specs and can run cyber punk at medium graphics, so i think youll be able to run this.

    well i have the same but core i7 so maybe

    I got ejected and I think I'm stuck


    have you tried contact InnerSloth LLC or PlayEveryWare to get the rights  to publish it?

    How i invite people? i spawn and there are tasks

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    Read the description moron... It clearly says in big bold letters that this is NOT a multiplayer game and is ONLY the map due to legal reasons....


    Don't call people morons. Why would you be so rude? Don't act like a troll.



    (3 edits)

    Copyright does not protect the idea for game or the method or methods for playing it. Nor does copyright protect any idea, system, method etc. so idk why he wrote "due to legal reasons"

    i mean like the first thing someone with a powerful pc would do is look at the download button but i checked the desc sooooooooooooooooooo


    hi poggers 😁 this game is amazing and  kill my 2 gb laptop 


    well, i havent downloaded it yet but i will soon. I watched the youtube video of it u made and it looks awesome. good job u make awesome games.




    hmmm it will kill an rtx 3090

    well not a mobile gtx 1650 so not that


    rtx on among us am i right?

    GTX 1060 and i7-6700HQ laptop user, will this work?


    not sure

    definetly, cause like those are some crazy specs as and intel core i-7 and a GTX 1060 graphics card can easily run games like GTA 5 and CS GO

    CS:GO isnt that intensive and gta isnt really intensive either plus that gpu is outdated i dont think it would run


    It will. I'm on a GTX 1650 ti laptop with AMD Ryzen 4800h. Average FPS is 60. Make sure your laptop is plugged in though. Any graphics demanding game run bad on battery.


    just try it


    gud gpu gud cpu youll fucking kill the gaeme probably i think

    it just says rtx bcoz of the high sure it will work

    1659 works but idk about 1060



    please also give the unreal engine source file

    mn ce ta doido nada facil criar um jogo so mn ja passei dias tentando o cara ai e 10 mn vc podia criar uma pagina pra juntar pessoas pra cria jogos juntos derrepente vira ate uma empresa mn tipo o grupo de pessoas entram no discord e começao a falar como vai ser o jogo  pensar e cada detalhe ai se  jogo  estoura ta rico mas nao e facil 


    pls can anyone tell me how to install it pls


    no need to install open it in unreal engine and run the code


    does unreal engine take money to install it ?


    No lol


    ok i meant to say that does unreal engine costs money ?




    ok, u wanna be friends if so than plz follow me and than i will follow u back how is that ?

    Uh no thanks

    Why you talking to yourself, you really that sad?

    can i run it on following specks 
    processor :-  5gen i3 processor
    ram :- 8gb
    grapics card :- intle hd 5500 gpu

    pls reply karo yar

    Bhai usko hindi kaisa aayega???

    But I am not sure 

    no because this game is very high graphics and not optimised

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