A downloadable game for Windows


WASD: move

QE: move up/down

Mouse scroll: zoom in/out

Middle Mouse Button: press to rotate camera

G: skip to next wave

Left CTRL: show tower nameplates

Left ALT + hover the cursor over a tower: show additional info

Left SHIFT: move fast

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(3 total ratings)
Tags3D, defence, Singleplayer, tower, Tower Defense, ue, ue4, Unreal Engine


unreal-defence-windows.zip 1 GB
Version 1 Jul 22, 2020


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There should be an speedrun page for first to 1k waves or something :)

First time playing and I came to wave 201 lol :) Maybe I got so far in the first time trying bc I make tower defence simulator games myself, I know strats lol.

Very fun and addicting 👍. Very consistent fps, but it makes my laptop fans sound like a 80 year old man after sprinting for 2 hours straight.

Man, I really love you games sooo much xD

Could have done more, but it slowly got boring because I literally needed to just watch and do nothing haha.


mac plsssssss



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that's  the case for every single computer, including PC.


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Would you please offer the source code?I am working on it.


i ended on 169(nice)

wow how ???



i beat around 193 waves try beating it


when comes among us


after downloading what to do pls tell


Unzip and open the.exe file

Could you PLEASE make it Vsync capable? my rtx 2060 runs it at 200 fps and is at 80 degrees constantly and the fan is really, REALLY annoying, so please change that

thanks already


Thanks for the heads up! 

You can set fps limit in nvidia settings. It's called "Max Frame Rate". Set it to 120 or something and you should be alright.

Well but then I would still maybe have some screen tearing. And I think the Game needs to have it in so that it really works. But I could also be wrong

You can also force vsync in nvidia settings.

Okay, i am going to try this as soon as i am Home from vacationin a couple hours

Thanks for the help


Someone try beat my record. 

I built 1/3 defense 2/3 money tower then switched to full money tower.
(over a year later, im sure people have gotten over 1k or something, but this is my pb.)

Hey man, quite fun game, i had an strategy in mind after seeing your video, using the death towers, but their recharge seems to be in minutes? even after upgrade it says 15 (where the others show it's seconds) but they shoot once every 6 waves orso..

I got very far in the end, but my pc started lagging, seems like some memory leak exists. The key is to build Money towers, so you earn more than they take, backed up with some slow and death to take out the occasional ones. Works quite nice for the short dev time! 

haha nice strat! I'm not sure about lag though, maybe a bug with enemy actors destroying

Wave 200. After about wave 130, gold is basically limitless, but theres also no more room for towers and no more room for upgrades. So I'd say by 250-300 waves, you would die regardless of skill. So I alt+f4 of boredom by wave 205.

Sorry for the stupid question , but why the game size is 1GB I thought it's small game .

He made it with AAA assets, and didn't do much work to size them down. Plus the the core of the engine, UnrealEngine4 is heavy on its own. Not really meant for lil indie games, so its kinda big.

the assets are quite optimized tho, but yeah, I guess you got the point

Alright could this game transformed to mobile , it's nice and unique  , I love Tower defense games once I start playing with I can't stop playing it , so did my nephew  did since it's easy to understand (and has lazy work through )


In UE4 By default there are some plugins to disable when you build an exe, and various options to tweak too, to reduce build size :)

The default settings are not optimized.

Alot of pc games are GB

Довольно интересно

poggers thanks for responding to me