A downloadable game for Windows

Disclaimer: recently I made an Action RPG game in 1 week as an experiment or more likely a challenge. It doesn't have a bunch of features, there is no levels randomization and actually it's extremely far from polished AAA title like Diablo. Since there is only 1 quest in the game, finishing it takes ~15-20 minutes. Nonetheless if you want to download and play the game for some really weird reason, you can do it here. Game files are quite big (4gb zipped) because of Paragon models which have 2k textures.


Left Mouse Button - follow the cursor
Right Mouse Button - go to location

1, 2, 3, 4, Q, E - abilities

Left CTRL - highlight items

Click on an enemy - attack (will automatically attack nearest enemies after the main one is dead)

Click on an item - pick up (picking up might feel a bit jerky since you actually are forced to click on the item, not the item name)

Install instructions

Unzip, then run .exe


UnrealRipOff.zip 4 GB
Version 1 40 days ago


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Can you make this 3rd or 1st person? The game is really good but I don't really like this kind of Camera.


Hey Dino,

I am pretty interested in game development and I want to make a switch from 2D in Unity to 3D in Unreal and I wanted to look at some other projects to see  how stuff works, so is do you have the unreal project files on a github or anything and if you do can you share them please? thank you so much

I share them on my Patreon


Hey FatDino!
Is there any chance that you will release the project files of this for education, or an in-depth demonstration of how this was made?
I saw that there are some blueprints shown in your video, but it's really not convenient and doesn't seem to show everything.
I don't want to copy it in any way, shape, or form but I would love to see the insides of this for my own learning, as there aren't many top down arpg examples/tutorials avilable for UE4 from what I saw. 
Maybe if you don't want to share it, which I understand, do you have any recommendations for someone who wants to learn doing something simmilar to this game?

source files (without paid assets) uploaded and can be accessed via Patreon

Ty for response, didn't know that!

Well Done FD!

As you might see I am a big fan of Diablo since the very first. And I cannot get enough. Haha.

Great work here.

By the way are you taking part at any Jams atm?


Thank you!
Not really, game jams is a nice thing though, I should definitely participate in the future

Hey, all good?

I am producing a game in a jam atm. Your knowledge would be very appreciated if you want to join.

Take care and be safe. Best

saw the youtube video, looks great, and i love the Paragon models, hoping you find the time to continue on this project, as it looks quite awesome.

would love to see sounds implemented and a ranged class. if i knew how to do this what u did, i would consider trying to continue on this projekt as a part time job whit fan donations.


Nice game!


Thank you, keep going for more games...


Thank you!!!!!