A downloadable game for Windows

A, D - turn

Space Bar - jump

S - roll / force landing while jumping

Shift + 1 - low settings

Shift + 2 - medium settings

Shift + 3 - high settings

Shift + 4 - ultra settings (at least gtx1060 needed to play with decent fps)

Install instructions

Download, unzip, run .exe


unreal-surfers-win64.zip 2 GB
Version 1 Sep 20, 2020


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2gb !

Hard but fun

Hey make the game 32 bit 

NICE /u/

i am n0ob

Me too


will he release plants vs zombies

Amd a6 5400k 

Amd Radeon HD 7540D

Vertical Vsync On

Triple Buffering On

Can It Run On The Lowest Graphics?

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Please port it to a native Linux version.

you could use wine

Yeah I could but I don't wanna go through installation of a lot of files for which I don't have much space for. Instead native version works just like double clicking and I'm sure it's not so hard to port to Linux as well.


Could you make a shadow fight or mortal combat like fighting game? plz...

Show post...


                                              ZAIN HASSAN

i love your games


I have Ryzen 5 3500 with a GTX 1660 super. Will it work?

will work

when among us come out?

it came out https://fatdino.itch.io/the-skeld

I  have a Ryzen 5 with a GTX 1650. What graphics mode should I use?

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medium should be good (shift+2)

I play it on my  i7 10750H and a gtx 1660Ti mobile and it runs on 40 fps at worst if I set it to max settings

Fall guys?

he won't release it

are you sure!


when among us will upload

when comes among us

already done https://fatdino.itch.io/the-skeld

Does this work smoothly on  i7-10750H ,GTX 1650, 8gb Ram

yes this is work normali just try to optimise your pc whis Razer Cortex or anothers software to end processes you do not have to run whis gaming ;)

yes on medium graphics (shift+2)

I have almost the same setup as you except I have a GTX 1660Ti and 16GB of RAM and I can easily set it to max and it is still well playable

this game is good

this game sucks

Yo FatDino!

Just wanna ask if I could use an xbox controller in this game? xD 


you can't

is there a way to start the game on a different  graphics setting. I have to switch it to medium or low settings as soon as it starts...?  I'd like it to start with a lower setting instead of using shift + 1 every time I start the game. Is that possible?

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Hey there FatDino!

I'd just like to make a request, that being identification of release versions. Thanks in advance!

will it work on laptop with intel hd 4600 integrated graphics with 4th gen i5 and ssd

Doubtful. The game is also quite buggy, so I'm not sure if I'd even see it as worth a shot, unless you're really into this guy's work.

I tried it on my old laptop with the same specs except I just had the hd 4400 and I got about one frame every couple seconds or so


Where is the among us?

Im gonna download it but where it is?



probably isnt public yet, otherwise it would be listed


wohoo copyright

there cant be a among us upload bc of copying games and of the law you could get a huge fine

I believe FatDino is currently finalizing the game and sorting out copyright concerns. The game may potentially never reach release, therefore I wouldn't get your hopes up.

ur right bro........ im very much excited to download the game, hope he finishes it and publishes it as soon as possible


i believe he said that he wasnt gonna publish it because it would require him to set up a dedicated serve

ya cant for copyright reasons 

Bro I'm from India how can I help you but I don't have money to give,but I will support to you help

Will This Work On i5 10Gen 8GB Ram? Please Tell.


Yes. as long as you have a good gfx card. listed above

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What may be the most prominent determining factor of your computer's capability to run this game would be your graphics card (or GPU). I would not recommend attempting to run this program with integrated graphics, but it may be feasible depending upon your processor (or CPU).

In regards to the specifications you've already provided, I'd imagine both your processor and memory size to be more than sufficient, so long as you're not overtaxing your system with other processes.

Thanks I Have  GeForce NVIDIA  MX130 Graphic Card.


shut up about among sus


and if you get any -1's its from me since he wont give you it if you keep asking

He's probably working on finishing the map now that he posted the video

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for those who want among us, he said in the video that ITS NOT DONE

you have to wait for it

it also might not be released because of copyright

read the comment by Left4Diggy (above)

Yeah copyright and i think its gonna be on steam as well.


i want among us please

i beg you


he already did it bro!! 😂


when will u upload among us?


i can't wait to download your among us version oh my 


#FatDino Your work is amazing I can't wait to download Among us


among us


i beeg u i will die if you no down load i jokin but plz


yesssssssss plz add 


for some reason everytime i want to play the game i have to unzip it again. is there any way to change this? is it because of my settings or something? please let me know.


I die immidietly upon starting, it's like i hit an invissible barier. does anyone else have this problem? if so how do i fix it.


When can we expect the Among Us you made to be released?


probobly not beacase of copyright

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