A downloadable game for Windows

I made google chrome dinosaur game in unreal engine 4

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Tags3D, Dinosaurs, Endless, Singleplayer, Unreal Engine


unrealdinosaur-windows.zip 1.1 GB
Version 1 Jun 24, 2020


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your game not open in my PC and I don't know why  


What are sys req?

32-bits pls?

Deleted 348 days ago

Sorry, but you're not right, UE does support 32-bit CPUs, but it's longer to compile.


Other than the fact it takes longer to install than Valorant, its a good game.



it took me 2 minutes

u just have slooo wifi




when gtav clone will come

FatDino won't even release the GTA San Andreas clone bc it would be impossible to make by himself. We just have the introduction remake for now


Finally, someone that understands that people cannot do something by themselves if it's a big project.


its realllllllllllllly super super crazy nice game!!!!!!


so i basiclly made the same game so check it out too!! (on my yt)

also thx for the inspiration @Fat Dino

super !

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CPU (processor) - i9 10900K 

Motherboard - Gigabyte Aorus Z490 Xtreme Waterforce

GPU - Asus ROG Strix RTX 3090 Waterforce 

RAM - TridentZ Royale Gold 64 GB 4266MHz 

Storage- 2x 1TB Samsung 980 Pro, 1TB Samsung 970 Pro, 2x 4TB Samsung 860 EVO 

Power Supply - Corsair AX1600i 

Cabinet - Corsair Obsidian Series 1000D 

Fans - Corsair LL Series Water Cooling - 

Corsair Hydro Series Zebronics Zeb-Transformer Gaming Keyboard and Mouse 

AORUS FI27Q 27" Frameless Gaming Monitor 

Zebronics Zeb-Warrior 2.0 Multimedia Speaker with Aux Connectivity,USB Powered and Volume Control

Total = $20,169.74

Or  ₹15lakhs or 27,792.57 Australian $ or 22,09,825.50 Japanese Yen

Yeah, i forgot to specify min reqs, thanks!

you does't make any type android game .



What is this 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪!?

What the fuck

So like 300 000 something south African rand oof

I just want to know why game file size made with unreal is so big.

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It may be a great project. I tried it and it made me laugh. What times when your Wi-Fi connection went out and you had no choice but to play Doogle's Dinosaur.

The program is simple, beautiful and light.

The only defect that I find in this version of the game is that the Raptor's jump animation fails (but it is a mistake that does not bother when playing, although it is a bit ugly). Anyway, it is an excellent tribute to the original game. I recommend it.


I think this is good :))

but my com need more than 2 hour to restart :((

This is good 

Boooo  now⅜

Cant make android games?



Lol, the game is good but my computer is in fire :D


اهلا.انا جديد فى الموقع واعجبنى وخاصة إذا المبرمج واتمنى ان اكون مثله في يوم من الايام

اهلا انا كمان نفسي ابقي زيه يوم من الأيام


when comes among us


Mein PC: 


2x RTX 3090ti

128 GB RAM


1000W Netzteil

2,8 TB / 2,0 SSD


Kundenspezifische Wasserkühlung

7 Lüfter

wtf bro! 128 gb ram!


f 128 GB ram is overkill

2x RTX 3090 in Brazil costs $32.000 dollars

#Unnessesary Flex. Wie hast du 2 RTX 3090 gekriegt?

achso ti also




Bruh can you reduce the file size, 1GB can litterary crash my pc, thank you.



Bruh can you upgrade your pc, 1GB is literally like nothing, thank you.

you can change your download location thanks

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1GB, oooof lol

Edit: how do i run this???


unzip it and click on the unity symbol

unity?????? this was made in unreal engine

oh well then the unreal engine symbol


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hi i am on laptop i downloaded it and unzip it but it just wont start. i tried looking in the comments for help but i can't find any when i open the UE4GAME file it says: the game has crashed and wil close. please help






i don't understand how do i download the game. someone show me how

I downloaded it, but I have no idea how to start it. I'm on windows.

Just open the .exe file and the game opens

For me it's a zip files, once I open that it's just a regular folder.

you unzip the folder and run the exe thats in it



anyone beat my highscore?

Hello, can you make it compatible on Mac ?

What graphics needed ?

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any gpu with 2 gb vram or above.

geforce gtx 1000 series should do the trick


Hi, you can make it compatible on linux ?


Use a emulator in linux


What emulator can we run ?


This https://www.winehq.org/


Wine Is Not An Emulator


see what you did there, nice bro 


This is good

But it kills my pc😥


Thx for making good thing to us



System req pls


oof, idk to be honest. I can only say that with 1060 max + i5 8th gen it runs with 60+ fps all the time


Hmm, ok


How about other games


in progress, will upload battle royale today

Will battle royale work in i5

Depends on proc generation, works pretty fine with my i5 8300