A downloadable game for Windows

AI is still quite stupid tho.


Left Shift - use nitro

R - use rocket launcher

F - use grenade launcher

G - toggle health bars

WASD - moving

Mouse Y - change grenade launcher angle

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(9 total ratings)
Tags3D, Unreal Engine


unrealracing-windows.zip 1.7 GB
Version 1 Jul 06, 2020

Install instructions

just open .exe once downloaded


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Is there any chance to use a Xbox controller in this game?

What are the names of the songs use in the game?

I think he made them

for me it downloads but the folder has nothing in side

how do i play the game i can dowload the files but i dont know how to run the game

Extract the zip file open the folder and press the .exe file.

My PC bigger than the guys in the other comments. Will the game run at 60 FPS on my 4k 80" display ?

I have a GForce 5111902 TXG and a Intel I69 70k with 80 sextillon ram, will it work?

Probably not, you need at least 733 septillion  exabytes of Ram.

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I'm pretty sure you need an UltraForce  RTX 9283910 TIR, an Intel i69420 9996800K, 419 octillion Xtra SSd storage, NASA rocket ship cooling and 696 centillion yottabytes of DDR83719 RAM.

You'll run the game on 700 seconds per frame.

i have 4gb ra

damn u dead

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I have 16gb's of ram, i7 9700k, and a 1660 super, can I run this on 60 fps?


I have 8gb ram, intel ultra hd graphics, and intel i3 core processor will it work please tell me ?

I also have this same

But i have uhd graphics

Deleted 1 year ago

I have rtx 3090 128gb ram 11tb ssd

So, It can works on my pc in 100+ fps


Nice hope work on my ptato pc


processer pentium 3

graphics intel hd

ram 4gb

video ram dont know


hey i have an i12-9900X, RTX 309090 and 69 petabytes of ram, will it work? 

It works on your pc in 60 fps

No you have to have the RTX 309100 for smooth play, but yours may still work

Hey i have 50 gigabertz of ram 53 cores 5.69 gigabertz rtx 500 727gigabertz vram will it not work?


Guys stop asking about will it run ... Just try and you'll know -_-


Hey fatdino i watch all your videos nice games


i have 6gb ram and Processor Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU B940 @ 2.00GHz, 2000 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 2 Logical Processor(s) and a intel hd graphics card 

can i run it ????

might run but badly and there is a 40% chance it will crash

i have 8GB RAM with ryzen 3 and vega 8 graphics with 4GB VRAM

you might get 5 - 20 fps ig?

If you run this game

Your pc will crash and your pc never works

Gta5 check kiya kya


i have i5 2500 with rx570 will it work? :)

i have intel pentinum with 3gb ram without graphics card, will it work?



RIP for your pc LMFAO

Hey, I have spacecraft. Will it work?


Hey i have 6 GB ram and a potato graphic card will it work on super low settings



hey I have 99999999999999999999999999999gb RAM and 756756874643534565u76878989785754324566897654322456789765434567gb graphics card and intel999999quadcolm 15 megapixel proceccor will it work 馃榿馃榿


no it won't




hey man i have a i9-9900k, a RTX 4080, 2tb Ram and real 8k graphics it can work?


It works but if you don't get more RAM i think it might be a bit laggy

nnice ram

hi, there's any way to  build it also for mobile?

if he gives you the project and if you are ready to write scripts and also you need to have a mac or a macbook

Why would you need a MacBook? You only need it to build to iOS. It still works on Android.




bro does this need a graphics card????


32 bit?? Will it work

Yes bro


Do you upload your source code anywhere? I'd love to get into game development


If you want the source code you have to become at least a Senior Dino on his patrion.

when comes among us

it came


i have a 

CPU Type
AMD A8-7410 APU with AMD Radeon R5 Graphics
Will this work?

what gpu and how much ram?

oop i mean how much ram

Deleted post

unzip it with file unzipper program

It's too much cool :D

Is it good if my GPU is Radeon RX 580 Series?

lol thats the same gpu i have

I got a GT 1030 and it works fine for me

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will it work on asus i9 rtx 3080 64 gb ram  4k graphics

I upgraded to amd ryzen 9


no, you need intel core 2 duo and intel hd graphics

haha lol


no you need the Geforce2MX400 gpu and a 

AMD FX-9590 cpu

(1 edit)

no you need a Geforce 256 SDR and an Intel Pentium 1, RTX 3080 and asus i9 is slow af

idk prob not

i got 3090 and i9 10980XE and 128gb ram and 16K graphics and it runs at 16,000 fps so for you 0 prob

nah man ur years late u need core i9 300th gen and RTX 9090 ti 2TB Ram and 300k graphics

Yes it will work

I have a i7 4770K with an gtx 1070 with 16gb of ram, will i be able to run it or is my system to slow to

its more than enough

(1 edit)



Sadly, my pc broke the second I used AMD Athlon 2 to run this.

If you are using intel integrated graphics on any of dinos games then. Your fricked up.

oh ow



does this work on a logitech g29 virtual steering wheel made for actual racing games


another fluffy bird clone

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