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Do you upload your source code anywhere? I'd love to get into game development

when comes among us


i have a 

CPU Type
AMD A8-7410 APU with AMD Radeon R5 Graphics
Will this work?

how can you open the game if you downloaded the files?

Cause if i go to files and then to the unreal racing map, i cant open the game.

unzip it with file unzipper program

It's too much cool :D

Is it good if my GPU is Radeon RX 580 Series?

lol thats the same gpu i have

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will it work on asus i9 rtx 3080 64 gb ram  4k graphics


no, you need intel core 2 duo and intel hd graphics

haha lol

no you need the Geforce2MX400 gpu and a 

AMD FX-9590 cpu

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no you need a Geforce 256 SDR and an Intel Pentium 1, RTX 3080 and asus i9 is slow af

idk prob not

i got 3090 and i9 10980XE and 128gb ram and 16K graphics and it runs at 16,000 fps so for you 0 prob

nah man ur years late u need core i9 300th gen and RTX 9090 ti 2TB Ram and 300k graphics

I have a i7 4770K with an gtx 1070 with 16gb of ram, will i be able to run it or is my system to slow to

its more than enough


Sadly, my pc broke the second I used AMD Athlon 2 to run this.

If you are using intel integrated graphics on any of dinos games then. Your fricked up.



does this work on a logitech g29 virtual steering wheel made for actual racing games


another fluffy bird clone

Deleted 42 days ago

do not advertise


sorry bro ... actually this was my first ever game that too on visual basic .NET , a shitty platform ON WHICH coding small things are pretty hard....sorry...thank you



Dude I wish I could play this game but my parents as a birthday present for me and my siblings got us an $1000 laptop. But the problem is it has Intel integrated graphics and only 8gb of ram. It absolutely sucks. And one of my bros friends offered to give us a gaming pc but my mom immediately rejected it.


big oof


woah! is it actually 1000 or 100? Theres no such thing as a $1000 laptop with integrated graphics on it! are your parents being scammed?

I mean macs are that expensive w/ integrated graphics

I understand your pain

Will it work on intel i3 3rd Generation 

I m not poor😑 my ELDER brother has taken my laptop ( ACER NITRO 7 ) for study purpose Outa somewhere

So i have here only my Old Pc 




Depends. What's the dedicated GPU your PC is loaded with? As far as I know most Unreal Engine 4 games work on Nvidia GPUs as early as Geforce 7 (e.g., 770). If you're stuck with Intel integrated graphics, you're out of luck. :/ 

well thanks for replying vruh

But that works✌️🖤

I guess I fried my celeron laptop with this game but it works like a champ on my rx 580 and ryzen 5 3600

you have a better cpu than me and i have the rtx 2080 super


It runs on my system, good fps too! just uncontrollable cars.

AMD FX 6300

RX 570

24GB Ram

1080p 75hz monitor

Windows on SSD

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i7 GEN 8 3.7GHz

GTX 750



yup, runs smooth on my 9th gen i7 and rtx2060 and 48GB of RAM

That should work, at least you have a fine CPU there. Maybe not on high settings but you should be able to run on at least medium (but not 1080).

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Will it work on Ryzen 7 3700x 3.59GHz


RTX 2060


sure it will

If you drive your car backwords... you get first place


Hope game export to Distro Linux too 😌

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Did it work with wine?

I don't know, haven't tried it either. It's better if native is directly

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Try wine staging + DXVK. DXVK has support for Windows apps, up to DirectX11. DXVK converts DX9/10/11 calls to Vulkan. Also make sure your Mesa GL drivers are up to date. :)

NVM... just tried it on my i7/GTX 1050 PC in Ubuntu. Doesn't work... will have to boot to Win10Pro.

Hopefully my final comment on the matter LOL...

I did get it to run in Ubuntu + wine staging + DXVK, but the cars were nonexistent. However I was able to partially drive on the darkened road until I slid and constantly kept bumping on the trees... had to hit Ctrl+esc so I could Xkill the game.

My guess, probably needs DX12... was worth a try though. 

the game is very nice


i Dare you to make a game which has ultra realistic graphics and is open world (just try it)


MultiPlayer Update Please

will it work on 

nvidia GeForce gtx 460 M???????

8gb ram??????

i7 Q 720 @ 1.60GHz?????????

انت عربي

اخيرا واحد عربي!!ا

Please make a game like gta 5.

yes please

will it work on a 3.6 ghz processor, 12gb ram?


Flexing his 12gb ram lol

requirment bro?

yeah good question this fat dino once replied me  now not replying

I don't really know tbh. Works fine (60+fps) on my laptop with i5 8th gen and 1060max Q

OK  and in future  give all games controller(game-pad mapping) functionality.


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will it work on intel Inside i5 vPro processor?


and 8 GB RAM?

guess it should



Fat Dino. Keep developing this game. Super fun! 


Please create a game for android




Really fun game :D


will it work on my lowend laptop (dualcore AMD athlon processor)


I'm not sure, probably you'll have really low fps, like 5-10

oh god you  finally replied me  i am asking this on youtube (Saravanan k)my name on google account .thank you for your response i have alrealdy subscribed. i will keep support your channel.keep posting more games .

OK then you can say the requirements and in future  give all games controller(game-pad mapping) functionality.


hey fat dino im first download