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hi sir, I'm impressed with the game, I'm a student and studying game development, so can I have the source code of this among us game for my reference?

Can someone tell me if 8 gb ram and Intel core i5 10th gen will be OK.



I Love U and your Games



Can I Play it on my PC (Desktop)

CPU: Intel® Core ™ i5 9400f

Ram: 8gb 2666mhz

GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 4gb

Monitor: 1440*900 60hz (I dunno why am I still using it from 13years)

mybe put probably need lower res

It works on your pc in 20 to 30 fps

guys pls pls spl aX;/;;(((; van i play thsi gaem pls psl spl my cpc şppooks like thise

guys... ;( can i run this game???? ;((( my specs :

GPU : Nvidia PotatX 3900

CPU : Thermal Paste

Ram : 512 mb

monitor : 16 hz 800x600

please i have to play tih game my family is dying and my fish drowned tday ;(((((

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Unfortunaly, unless you want to kill your PC you probably can't without extreme tweeks like going into the game editor and make it extremely low res you probably can't.


but if your family is dying why u wanna play this game ! get them to a hospital or something !

well no but if you want a room warmer yes


Amogus RTX

Can i run the game with 

Intel core i7 11 th gen 2.80 ghz

Ram = 16 gb DDR4

intel iris xe 1 gb Vram

storage = ssd 1.0tb 

I don't know, open up the game and see if your pc gets fried

i have a AMD Rayzen 3 3200G with grafics integrated, (is a APU) 2gb Vram

With 8gb ram 2.6ghz

ssd 250

i can play this wonderful game?

I have intel uhd 630 graphics and 8gb ram and intel i3 3.4ghz

.....the video title says it will destroy ur pc..........but still im asking if cann run it




Probably your computer will not die, but you may encounter turbo lags.

😭😭how does that make it better?


Can i run with spec

Intel Pentium 3.3 Ghz

Nvidia GT630 2GB

6 GB Ram

Storage HDD 500GB




pls make this game multiplier, please

Read at the description

learn grammar, ugh.

Can I run it on:

GPU: GeForce GTX 1650

CPU: AMD Ryzen5 4600H






Can I run it on :

cpu: Intel 4004

gpu: Nvidia GeForce 256

Storage:  6.4GB Quantum SCSI drive

ram: 1MB 6.5KHz



dude of course you can run this game at like... 35-50 fps yeah!!!!

there is game on steam with multiplayer like this called space of retaliation 

can I run it on a  \/ 

CPU: Intel i9-10900kf

GPU: Nvidia Rtx 3070 FE

Ram: 64gb ddr4 3600 Mhz

Storage: m.2 980 pro 


u just flexing ur specs but thats good shit bro



Can I run it:-

CPU - Intel i3 -7010u

GPU- Intel UHD 620

Ram -4gb ram

And 1TB hdd





dude of course you can run this game!!!!!!!!!

can i run it on 

Core i7

Gt 710 

8gb ram

1tb hdd




of course you can run the game!!!!!


make it multiplayer NOW


he said he cant for legal reasons

he can't

you can get steam version with multiplayer here

Can i run it on 

ryzen 5 5600x

rtx 2060s




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hey dino make portal 2 but with better graphics and a different story ( or you can't do that? 

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What is that legal reasons? It will be very good on online

maybe because Innersloth will take it down for just re-creating among us

Hey Fat Dino! What are the system requirements of your version of Among Us? I'm really excited for your game...

this guy can make gta 6 in just a month

yeah probably

No man! 😂 It's not possible... For programming a AAA game, a whole team and millions of dollars are required... If Rockstar Games is taking 10 years to code it, then bro this is just a person... Well, I'm not rude by saying it and I'm sorry if you were being sarcastic by saying this


No man gta is not AAA 

Gta is open world game


LOL! It's both of 'em... Don't you know? 🤣

can i run 16gb ram ddr4 2666mhz

core i5 9400

gtx 1050ti


yes but you need to go to¨change the config file localized at C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\AmongUsToUpload\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\GameUserSettings.ini and change anything to 0 and sg.ResolutionQuality below 60

try runnning it on ur pc with more than 120 fps we all probably cant and i have a potato pc so it probably would run at 4 fps

can i run it


Intel Core I5 2.90GHZ

And intel hd grapchis 1GB VRAM 


yeah. you should be able to


his computer probably exploded because of you


can i run it maybe with my p:
8GB Ram DDR 3
MSI 1050TI
i-5 3.20 GH.z




That's so cool but also do a polus and mira hq maps please🙇‍♂️. Hello from Kazakhstan

it took him a while for him to do SKELD.

minimum requirments

Deleted 2 years ago


bro i have a potato pc w no modification , AMD Radeon R5 M330 card and 8 gb ram can i run it?


Hey can you make this game 32 bit


sorry, but can anyone tell me for what legal terms the multiplayer game cannot be loaded


probably the whole thing about among us being copyrighted



Will this pc run the game?

CPU: Ryzen 5 5600X

GPU: Asus Rog RTX 2070

RAM: 16Gb 3200mhz Corsair


It should do it, given FatDino said he has GTX 1060 in his flappy bird RTX video, I think you can run this

dont know.


Hi gamers can I run this 

Model name:POTATO 

CPU: Ryzen 3 3200U

GPU: Vega 3 graphics 3gb

Caliber: Laptop 

Context: I play watch dogs 2 at 20fps.

I download it booted it I got 2 frames and my laptop shut down... Well I guess it overheated so I got 10mins to wait

probably no

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